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Image of Craft Copywriting website on mobile and laptopImage of Craft Copywriting website on mobile and laptop

Considered Copywriting for Tech

Working with the lovely team at Orangery Creative we were tasked with building a new website for Madrid-based copywriting firm Craft Copywriting.

The site was built using WordPress to enable Craft to do what they do best and manage their content easily, adding new content and featuring new case studies as required.

Orangery created a set of simple vector icons to represent the different services that Craft offers, and we had a lot of fun developing these into playful animations (using CSS and SVG) to add a bit of visual interest.

Screenshot of testimonial on Craft Copywriting home page

One of the other interesting challenges we met on this project was integrating the text-based motion graphics used on a couple of the pages. Due to the quirks of different devices and browsers rendering video we found that the background colour of the videos could appear a slightly different shade depending on the user’s setup. This meant that the main colour of the video wouldn’t match the colour of it’s container element, which looked ugly. This was fixed by rendering the frames of the video inside a canvas element in real time, sampling the actual pixel colour from a corner of the video, and then setting the background colour of the container element dynamically to match.

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