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Over 100 years of sporting heritage

When Orangery Creative took on Dunlop’s branding and marketing they asked us to build a website that would do justice to their vision. With an energetic design and lots of creative bells and whistles it was a joy to work on – and it still is, as we’re regularly adding new features and product ranges.

There have been many interesting parts to this build – from a custom location-based content and translation system to an animated timeline, an extensive product catalogue, lots of interactive elements and animation, a bespoke retailer map interface – the variety of requirements have made it a really enjoyable project.

Dunlop SX Series

With every product range launch comes a new opportunity for creativity. Orangery deliver striking new ideas for landing pages that lead to conversations about what visual effects we can achieve, and how. Whether it’s scroll animations, glitch effects or incorporating video in interesting ways, there’s always something new. For examples, see the SX and CX ranges of tennis rackets, or the Sonic Core squash racket range.

Dunlop CX Series

Beyond the visual experience, we have done all sorts of back end work, including custom WordPress plugins to manage product and retailer data, and a completely bespoke translation and localisation system, allowing the client to manage content globally.

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