Decorative image showing the ENSA homepageDecorative image showing the ENSA homepage

Engineering the Nitrogen Symbiosis for Africa

Many years ago, we worked alongside designers at Supereight Studio to produce a website for ENSA – a scientific research group based at Cambridge University who are working on ways to increase crop yield in Africa.

Recently they decided it was time for a refresh, and they came back to us for a new site.

Clean was the name of the game on this one. Supereight delivered a beatifully simple, user-friendly design which was a joy to build. A sprinkling of subtle CSS animation in places added a little extra finesse.

The technical requirements were fairly straight forward – the client needed to be able to add articles and scientific publications and to manage their directory of team members. We built an interface allowing users to search for people, see who works with who, what publications they were involved in, etc. This was set up in WordPress, with a clean and simple interface for editors to update the site.

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