Opus Energy Map

Putting energy on the map…

In 2017 Opus Energy wanted to develop an interactive map allowing users to explore clusters of different industry sectors across the UK, and compare different metrics between them. We were hired  to investigate technologies that could be used, and then to deliver the finished product.

We started off building a JavaScript pan/zoom interface but soon realised that we were essentially writing a mapping UI from scratch, and that using an existing library would probably make more sense. We checked out several options before deciding to go with the open source Leaflet library, overlaying the vector outline map of the UK and the animations, and using real-world latitude and longitude coordinates to position everything.

Opus Energy UK Business Clusters Map Intro Screen

The playful illustrated style of the map and its animated features were designed by Wes West (now running his own animation studio Jolt).

This was a really fun project to work on. It’s sadly no longer online, but if you’re interested in creating something similar and you’d like to have a play with our development copy, get in touch.

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