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In late 2022 we were introduced to GoRemote who asked us to redevelop an app which gets speakers set up to present at remote events. They had already built a beta version as a proof of concept but wanted to expand on the idea and develop a slick new product with additional features.

The Checkr app runs a series of tests on the user’s hardware and setup, including internet connection and speed, sound capabilities, video quality, location and proxy use. After various tests, the user is guided through recording a short video clip which is then uploaded and analysed to ensure that their setup is optimal for remote video presentation.

Wes and Louise at Jolt Studio worked on the interface design and tone of voice, and together with the client we developed the user journey through the app.

Checkr app - Initial design workCheckr app - Initial design work

Initially we did some exploratory work into capturing video in the browser, using both commercial products and a bespoke approach using native Javascript, to figure out which approach was more feasible across a range of different browsers and hardware.

Ultimately we found that none of the commercial products worked quite how we wanted them to, and the relevant JS APIs needed to roll our own solution (MediaDevices and MediaRecorder etc) were mature enough to be supported more or less universally, albeit with some quirks to work around.

Initial investigations into recording video through the browserInitial investigations into recording video through the browser

Developing this app presented some unique challenges, such as accommodating the various ways that different browsers grant permissions for using input devices and dealing with mobile devices with camera sensors in portrait orientation. Additionally we had to handle multiple video encoding formats, as different browsers support different video and audio codecs.

Probably more importantly, it was a lot of fun. Luke and Ben (the founders of GoRemote) were a pleasure to work with, and it’s always interesting to have a project that’s a bit different.

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